Richland Summer Science Camp

Richland Summer Science Camp is widely recognized for its stellar educational programs.  As a division of the Richland County Museum, it offers a wide range of exciting summer programs for students, adults, educators and the general public.   This year will be no exception.   Plans are underway to expand two adventure programs, so members of the planning team are meeting today to discuss how the plans are progressing.  Today, you have been asked to join them and share any ideas you might have for making this the most successful year yet for Richland Science Camp participants.

en, HS Student:    I am excited for this summer!   This will be my third year going but this year, my babe is coming too. 

 Dylan, HS Student:  Wanda’s coming ?!!!  I thought hiking was too basic for her.  That girl is fine, but she is sure high maintenance.  

 Isabelle, Camp Leader:  I’m glad you’ll have some friendly company, Ben, but I don’t need you blazing any new trails out there, you know what I mean?

 Ben, HS Student:  Yeah, yeah.  Don’t worry.

 Ryan, Ecologist:  Speaking of blazing trails, last year’s program was on point!  We discovered some new flora on the mountain.   It was an amazing discovery for all the campers.

 Franchesca, Instructor:   Yeah, we had a lot of kids participate, but did anyone notice the kids who weren’t there? 

 Dylan, HS Student:  What do you mean?

 Franchesca, Instructor:  There were very few campers of color.  You know – Black, Hispanic, Native American . . . .?  Why do you think that is?

 Isabelle, Camp Director: (Shrugging her shoulders) I don’t know.  Maybe they can’t afford it. 

 Ryan, Ecologist (Shrugging his shoulders) They manage to afford football and basketball camps.  Maybe they just don’t know about it. 

 Ben, HS Student: (Shrugging his shoulders) Maybe they’re not interested.  There are no black kids in our advanced placement science classes either, but nobody ever questions why. 

 Dylan, HS Student:  It’s probably cultural.  So why are we talking about it? 

 Franchesca, Instructor:  Because the kids in this program learn about ecology, wildlife, and exploring the great outdoors through incredible hands-on experiences yet there are whole populations of our community that are largely absent.  Shouldn’t we care?

 Isabelle, Camp Director:  Sure, we care, but let’s be practical.  What are we supposed to do about it?

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